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What Others Have to say about The Scions of Faerie:

The Scions of Faerie has received praise from readers across the United States and around the world.


“The Scions of Faerie is a very easy book to read, clear and comprehensible. You start turning the pages and you immediately plunge into this new world, full of fantastic creatures and magic. It's hard to stop because you always want to know what happens next.” – Marine S., Lyon, France


“Hold on Tight! A fast flowing novel that will enchant you with ideas both new and old. This book will leave you dreaming of the World of the Fey and the possibilities of ancient magic lying dormant in the living Earth around us. I cannot wait for the next installment!” – Mark B., Platt Bridge, England


“If you've ever asked why Stonehenge was built, then "The Scions of Faerie" spins an imaginative answer to that question. Curious about the mysterious Faerie Realm? "The Scions of Faerie" delivers that as well, with an intriguing cast of characters that battle not only evil magicians and mythical creatures but also political intrigue and personal demons. Edwards' story kept me guessing what would happen next and, like the characters, I was never quite sure who was friend or foe. I loved getting to know the Prescott family and seeing how a lost prince discovers an ancient secret and how it propels him on a quest that tests his resolve to honor a thousand-year-old promise and what type of man he will become.” – Wes I., Greensboro, NC


"The Scions of Faerie was an amazing story. As soon as the prologue finished, the book takes an amazing turn. It has a great story, well-developed and likable characters, and lots of fun lore. The setting and different Faerie races were painted out beautifully. I like how the ending was left open, as I would very much like to see a sequel! This was a joy to read." Krista S., Waterloo, Iowa


“The Scions of Faerie was a great read. From the start, I was drawn within the story and looked forward in the evening to return to the adventure. In the last few pages, I was reflecting on how sorry I was that the end of the book was near so therefore I was very happy to see that there is room for a sequel!!! This book makes you relate to the characters and brings much-needed escape in our fast-paced world.” Pascale, A. T., Oceanside, NY


“The story is very engaging. This is a nice recounting of the Hero's Journey. One thing I especially liked was the "epilogue" chapter(s) at the end, where much is tied up. I look forward to the next offering, and hopefully, Ian will have rebuilt the house by then, as well as had his revenge with those who killed his aunt and uncle.” Brian S., California, USA


"The Scions of Faerie is a beautiful fantasy; well-organized, elaborate and a well-told story. It meets all the requirements of the Fantasy genre in terms of creating an alternative “reality”, populating it with beings from mythology, lore, and of the author’s own creation and then casting human notions, perceptions, and behavior against that backdrop. I loved the vivid picture drawn of Faerie with its two suns, multiple moons, days twice as long as ours, its unparalleled magic tradition, and its golden grass that is so alive that it makes our world appear dim by comparison." - Andrius K., Vienna, Austria