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The Tapestry of Life

August 19, 2018

For my first blog post, I wanted to share a philosophical article I wrote in 2012 which has been published in both the UK and the US.

The Tapestry of Life

"Remember you not the former things, neither consider the things of old." - Isaiah 43:18 AKJV

     I believe Isaiah had a point when speaking about our mindset. We cannot change the past, so dwelling on our mistakes or failures can only lead to heartache and needless suffering. However, this poses an interesting philosophical question. What if you could return to a moment in your life or a moment in the course of human events and change one thing? What would it be? The people who answer “nothing” would be the most content and have the most inner-peace.

     To answer this question for yourself, you first have to understand what “life” is. Life is a series of ups and downs; lows and highs; pitfalls and promise. Life is more than our fleeting existence in this world. Our experiences and our choices are interwoven into a universal tapestry containing threads of every else’s lives. Our actions and our words have a profound impact upon the lives of...


Tags: peace, philosophy, regret, time travel

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