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Indomitable is a historical fiction based on the true-life story of Eliza Harris, the fictitious heroine of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Unlike Stowe's novel, Indomitable reveals the horrors of Eliza's captivity within a Kentucky plantation and depicts her heroic escape across the semi-frozen Ohio River in 1838 in a desperate bid for freedom in Canada. Based on her own testimony and the historical record of those who aided in her escape, Indomitable weaves a narrative of love, loss, faith, and family with the historical facts of the Underground Railroad and its abolitionist network.

Indomitable (Paperback)

Indomitable (E-Book)


Sam’s future lies in the past but like Sisyphus, changing history is a punishment he must continue to pay. For Sam, a single choice can save the lives of millions but endanger his own. Time is the fire in which we burn but how much is a single life worth?

The Phantom Seer Hardback

The Phantom Seer Paperback

The Phantom Seer E-Book

What if every story, every myth & every legend were true? When the Atlantean king threatens to flood Earth, Ian must choose who lives and who dies: Faerie's Priestess, Kaitlyn, or the people of Earth. Every choice comes with a consequence. Who will Ian choose to save and who will he allow to die?

Find out in the final adventures of Ian and Drew Prescott in The Priestess of Faerie.

The Faerie Chronicles is a 4-book series containing the following titles:

Book 1: The Scions of Faerie 

Book 2: The Soul Stones of Faerie 

Book 3: The Half-Blood of Faerie 

Book 4: The Priestess of Faerie 



Check back often for updates on this series and other news regarding new projects.

What's Next!

Historical Fiction:

Dauntless: The James Edwards Story (TBD)
Venerable: The Col. George Edwards Story (TBD)
Estimable: The Herbert Edwards Story (TBD)

The Dark Realms of Faerie:

Book 1: The Underworld of Faerie (TBD)
Book 2: The Witch Wraiths of Faerie (TBD)
Book 3: The Dark Lord of Faerie (TBD)
Book 4: The Death Stones of Faerie (TBD)

The Origins of Faerie:

Book 1: The Genesis of Faerie (TBD)
Book 2: The Demons of Faerie (TBD)
Book 3: The Druid of Faerie (TBD)
Book 4: The Guardian of Faerie (TBD)

The Golden Age of Faerie:

Book 1: The Faerie of Camelot (TBD)
Book 2: The Sidhe of Camelot (TBD)
Book 3: The Vampire of Camelot (TBD)


Obscured Reality (TBD)
Mirror Image (TBD)
The Lost City of Giants (TBD)


Recent Publication!

Indomitable:The Story of Eliza Harris (Jan 31, 2022)