J. D. Edwards

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Welcome to the Otherworld!

What's New!

My original novel, BRANDER, has been rebranded as part of the Faerie Chronicles. This book is now called, The Scions of Faerie and includes new chapters and reveals new secrets. Book 2 of this series is called The Soul Stones of Faerie and Book 3 is called The Half-Blood of Faerie. Both books are complete and awaiting publication. I am currently working on Book 4, called The Priestess of Faerie with a planned Prequel, The Druid of Faerie.

Check back often for updates on this series and other news regarding new projects.

What's Next!

Here are some of the projects I have waiting in the wings.

* Historical Fiction: Dauntless

* Historial Fiction: Eliza: The Runaway Slave

* Science Fiction: Mirror Image

* Science Fiction: Obscured Reality

* Science Fiction: Lost City of Giants

* Science Fiction: Stolen Identity

* Mystery: Riley Reid: The Mist Murderer

Awaiting Publication!

I currently have 3 Fantasy Novels and 1 Science Fiction Novelette awaiting publication.

The Faerie Chronicles:

Book 1: The Scions of Faerie

Book 2: The Soul Stones of Faerie

Book 3: The Half-Blood of Faerie


Science Fiction Novelette:

A Matter of Time