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Bring the magic alive...


Ian Prescott’s destiny lies within the past he cannot remember and the future he can only imagine. Only an ancient family legacy and the magic wielded by a Scion of Faerie will be enough to save the Faerie Realm from an insidious mage and restore the Queen of Faerie to her rightful throne.

Driven by an ancient family covenant and a desire to unravel the mysteries surrounding his past, Ian joins his cousin, Drew, on an adventure into the Faerie Realm. Together, they must restore the Queen of Faerie to power and fulfill their ancestor’s sacred trust. Only through this journey, will Ian discover the truth about his past, as well as the truth about himself.


Humans and Faerie

Imagine yourself as a young child, watching your parents drown in a river and unable to remember anything prior to the accident? This is the story of Ian Prescott, a Faerie Prince who is half-Human and half-Fey. Ian is summoned to the Faerie Realm to save his aunt, the Queen of Faerie, from death at the hands of the very mage who killed his parents 10 years earlier.


"Where is the next book?  Looking forward to more adventures from Ian and Drew." - Jenna

"Your book is a well-organized, elaborate and well-told story and a beautiful fantasy. It meets all the requirements of the genre in terms of creating and alternative “reality”, populating it with beings from mythology, lore, and of the author’s own creation and then casting human notions, perceptions and behavior against that backdrop. I loved the vivid picture you drew of Faerie with its two suns, and its moons, and its days twice as long as ours, and its unparalleled magic tradition, and its golden grass that is so alive that it makes our world appear dim by comparison." - Andy

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